Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sunny has some inside news on Inigo Wilson, Orange and the Lefty Lexicon.

That seems to make sense. The definition of "Consultation" he gave might or might not belong in a Lefty Lexicon (it's certainly well suited to this government that doesn't really say much about whether it applies to those on the left) but it surely belongs in the Big Business Lexicon. Can't imagine the people at Orange being too happy that the guy who's job it is to consult with local communities would express such a view.

And on the MPAC campaign, I agree with Nosemonkey. Their little campaign will just provide more ammunition and motivation for the "Islam is the enemy within" types. Calm down dears. Islamophobia is undoubtedly on the increase but that sort of witchhunt is not going to help at all. Own goals all round really.

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