Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Oh my! Arrested? Tony's chief fundraiser has been arrested for activities directly relating to the Prime Minister.

*Tries to contain himself*

Innocent until proven guilty and all that. But arrested? Oh my.


Brace yourself. Ready? OK.
Some MPs questioned the timing of the arrest, and the former home secretary, David Blunkett, last night urged investigators to be "thorough rather than theatrical".
Oh my.

If that's not the definitive example of projection bias, I'll eat my hat. And my hoodie. Someone get the man a therapist.

In fact, what's really needed is a Therapy Squad to tackle these psychological problems which blight much of our government. This squad would offer the chance of swift resolution to challenging problems where other means appear to have been exhausted. These behaviours ruin lives and fragment communities and we should be unremitting in our efforts to treat them and enforce a culture of good mental health and critical self-awareness, for the benefit of all.

A bit like this. (By the way, here's a little secret just between us. The Therapy Squad probably won't really be particularly useful. It'll generate some great headlines though...)

Slightly off topic but I'm curious about something else. The Guardian says that Levy had to provide fingerprints but these days, the police also routinely take a DNA sample from those they arrest and store it on a national database, essentially for ever. I wonder if they took the noble Lord's?

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Anonymous said...

With the obvious exception of the blasts in Mumbai, I've been grinning from ear to ear yesterday and today with each major news story: all US military detainees to get Geneva Convention protections, ID cards delayed, police force mergers collapsing, Lord Levy arrested, Haliburton losing their US Army contract, Microsoft fined by the EU.

. said...

This can only lead to Blair going sooner rather than later, and by god, that's something to get the champagne out for.