Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mirror Mirror...

Craig Murray is under a bit of pressure from the government at the moment. He put up a series of documents as supporting evidence for his book and this seems to have troubled the powers that be somewhat. It appears that the government would much prefer it if these documents were not widely available to the public.

That'll be these documents then:

1. FCO Comment

2. IMF Telegram

3. Declaration

4. Speech

5. Hill negotiation

6. Michael Woods memo of 13th March

7. Telegram of 18 March 2003 - US Foreign Policy

8. Letter from Simon Butt dated 26 June 2003

9. Exchange of emails with Linda Duffield (For some unknown reason, this one won't upload. I'll try again later.)

10. Colin Reynolds report of 26 June 2003

11. Minutes of meeting with Howard Drake

12. Letter from British businessmen in Tashkent

13. Email to Kate Smith

14. Minute of 26 September 2003

15. Telegram

Interesting stuff. Number 6, where a Foreign Office bod explains why it isn't illegal for the UK government to knowingly accept information obtained through torture, is quite the thing.

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elendil said...

That's a brave move :-)

sitsonchair said...

I as well like to speak in the third person.............