Monday, July 24, 2006


The BBC's Jim Muir is reporting on the appalling carnage in Southern Lebanon. His latest report can currently be viewed via the link in the right hand column of this page. It's called "Red Cross medics attacked in Lebanon". You can also hear an audio report on this six minutes into today's World at One (available until tomorrow).

So, the high-tech, high-precision Israeli airforce fired two seperate rockets into two clearly marked Red Cross ambulances, two ambulances which were "lit up like a Christmas tree" with blue lights and illuminated Red Cross signs. One man lost a leg and an eight year old boy suffered brain damage inside one of the ambulances as a result of the attacks. All six Red Cross workers present were also injured.

That's not self defence. That's a war crime. Anyone who wants to put a "but" anywhere near that has lost their basic sense of humanity.

Our government rightly condemns Hezbollah's indescriminate attacks on Israeli civilians. Whatever the circumstances, the indescriminate killing of non-combatants must be condemned unreservedly. But will our government apply that same standard to the actions of the Israeli government? Or will they offer mealy mouthed platitudes about "understanding" the situation which Israel finds itself in?

After seeing Kim Howells today furiously backpedalling from his previous statement, almost certainly after being reprimanded by Downing Street, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to work out which path the British government is going to go down. Sickening.


Phil over at Actually Existing explores the way the current actions of the IDF are defended. Indeed.

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