Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Joke

A man walks into a bar with an M16 assault rifle. He fires four shots into the drinkers, killing three and severely injuring another. Panic ensues as those left alive flee the bar in fear for their lives. He helps himself to a drink.

The police are called. They take statements from those who witnesed the shootings. The bar owner confirms that the incident will have been recorded on his CCTV system. Then they enter the bar to confront the man with the M16 assault rifle.

He makes no effort to evade them. "We've been given several statements that you indescriminately opened fire on the patrons of this bar, killing three and severaly injuring another" they say. "Furthermore, the bar owner assures us that this has been recorded on CCTV. Do you have anything to say to these allegations?".

"Indescriminately opened fire? I don't think so."

"Look here, I've still got 26 rounds left in my clip. Not only that, I didn't detonate the thermonuclear device which I've got in my rucksack. If I'd wanted too, I could have killed everyone within a hundred miles of this bar. So you see, your allegation that I indescriminately killed three people and injured another is a nonsense."

The police cannot fault this impecable logic. "Mind how you go sir" they offer as they leave.

No, you're right. It's not funny.

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snooo said...

And anyway, it was the dead drinker's own fault for not stopping the death of his mother, dammit.

Philip said...

Yes, yes, yes, but was the M16-wielder's massacre proportionate to the provocation he was being offered? I mean, how many of those he killed were looking at him wrong, and how many had the potential to do so at some point in the future?

Jherad said...

Having closed in on the '5th Bomber' today, British Armed Forces in coordination with Scotland Yard started laying down artillary fire on the Leeds residential estate early this morning, with reports of air strikes this evening.

Civilian casualties are estimated to be high, especially since the carpet bombing of the local supermarket carpark, however the government has issued this statement:

'Whilst collateral damage is always tragic, we must defend the country from the evils of terrorism. Only once we are sure that the terrorist threat is contained will we be able to sustain a lasting peace'

Steve69 said...

I think it is quite funny. The fact that you think the clumsy metaphore has relevance. Now that is amusing - but also a little sad.

CuriousHamster said...

How sad.

Readers are reminded of the standard house rules. Thank you.