Friday, July 21, 2006

At a time like this, it can be difficult to understand the actions of the Israeli government. Surely, many of us say, they must see that their current actions will inevitably lead to the creation of a new wave of militants hell bent on Israel's destruction, just as the invasion of Lebanon in 1982 led to the creation of Hezbollah. How could they not be aware of this? And if they are aware of this but choose to act in the way they do anyway, what are they really trying to achieve?

There's a very good post on this over at Smokewriting called "The Powerlessness of Israel". Definitely worth a click.


Another escalation appears imminent.

So the Israeli's have bombed the civilian terrorist infrastructure, the roads and bridges, then told people to leave immediately via those same bombed roads and bridges. What would you and your family do in that situation? Risk the bombs to attempt to travel north on the shattered remains of of the civilian terrorist infrastructure or stay put in what's about to become the free fire zone?

Next time someone tells you that "the third world war has already begun", I recommend you ask them if they've ever tried to imagine what it'd actually be like to live in a war zone. If they are unable to, and given what they've just proposed it seems highly unlikely that they will, suggest that they visit one. For educational purposes, you understand.

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