Monday, July 31, 2006

Not so long ago, as he was rejecting an invitation to spend five or ten minutes meeting with the families of soldiers who have lost their lives in Iraq, our great leader said "I yield to nobody in my support and admiration for the work that the soldiers do in Iraq".

For anyone who thinks his refusal to meet the bereaved families (who, it should be noted, were in Westminster that afternoon) might be a tint bit inconsistent with his claim, here's the proof:
A British soldier died in Iraq because he was not wearing the enhanced body armour he had had to give up because of shortages, an official report found.
The report... found that generals had identified a need for more body armour in September 2001, but ordering was held up for 15 months by "political constraints"...
Remember, Blair yields to nobody in his support for our troops in Iraq.

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Mark said...

As we in the military (it doesn't much matter whose; as long as the language is English, the jargon is more or less the same)are fond of saying; "nothing's too good for our troops - and that's what they'll get".