Friday, June 09, 2006

Would you put it past this government to have the police delay the release without charge of two people for reasons of political expediency?

The police have released the two men detained last Friday without charging them with any crime. Details aren't available yet but I think it's safe to say they're no long terrorist suspects. When were they released? The initial BBC story was posted at 7.40pm. On a Friday evening. The dead zone of media coverage of news events.

So would you put it past them? Not sure I would.

Still, it's just as well the US government didn't get hold of them; as terrorist suspects they'd be having electrode attached to their genitals courtesy of an "ally in the war on terror" by now.

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Blair said...

Uhm, not sure why I am sending you here... it isn't really all that funny, and better if you don't have dialup...
sorry if it offends.