Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Free Will Goes Missing

As the pressure mounts on the Met to explain why they conducted the raid on Friday in which a man was shot and a family living next door was allegedly assaulted, they've decided to resort to the classic no alternative gambit. I wonder who taught them how to use that one?

I'm going to resort to an old chestnut too then.

In 2004, 3221 people died in Britain as a result of road traffic accidents. That, without wishing to trivialise this in any way, is about 57 times as many people as died in the London bombings.

Clearly, the right to life is the most important right and should be put above all other considerations. So there really is no alternative but to legislate to ensure that all motor vehicles are fitted with a restrictor which limits their speed to a maximum of 10mph. Anyone found breaking this speed limit will have their vehicle immediately confiscated and fed into a crusher. Public safety, after all, is our top priority. There is no other choice.



Those ubiquitous anonymous police sources are at it again:
One official, with knowledge why police acted and what had been found from days of searching, said the intelligence had been acted on correctly, but added last night: "There is no viable device at that house. There is no device being constructed, or chemicals. There does not appear to be anything there or anywhere else."
It appears ever more likely that this raid was a total fiasco.

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1 comment:

Niels said...

Pity it's to late...

Dear Glorious Leader. 250 Policemen and -women raid a house, and a man ends up with a gunshot-wound. No evidence of crime is found.

78 Policemen and -women are deployed to dismantle a series of banners and placards of protest, opposed by a handful of unarmed protestors. A traffic camera overlooking the site is turned away for the duration, and several hours afterward.

Are these signs of:

a) rabid paranoia,
b) appalling management,
c) dreadful intelligence, or
d) gross over-reaction?

Yours, etc