Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The H Word

Could there be anything more stomach churning than our great leader, the spinmeister general, calling for open and candid debate?

He has, for years now, done everything in his power to prevent open and candid debate within his party and the country. This is the man who has choreographed Labour party conferences to the extent that they have become vacuous, unthinking, flag waving homages to the great leader. Now, after all those years of marginalising and misrepresenting his critics, ignoring uncomfortable truths, silencing protestors and generally just being a lying, untrustworthy git, he wants to have a debate.

I think I'm going to throw up.

It is surely a sign of how detached from reality he is that he would even suggest such a thing. It has long since become clear that Blair is pathlogically unable to participate in an open and candid debate. And even if he was not, there is a certain level of trust which must exist before a debate can have any useful purpose. There are not enough people left in the country who trust the liar for a debate to serve any purpose whatsoever.

Here's an uncoded message.

No Liars

That's the sign on the front door of the debating chamber.

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