Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Power and Corruption

Prime Minister Tony Blair is set to get the go-ahead later this month for two "Blair Force One" planes to fly him on official trips, the BBC has learned.
I presume they mean "Prime Minister Tony Blair is set to give himself the go-ahead later this month..."
They are expected to cost around £12.3m a year - about £2.7m more than the current arrangement.
Having thought about this, and with apologies for the language, I think I can only express my opinion thus:

Fuck. Right. Off!

Does Blair have even the slightest idea what the majority of people think of him and his government? Apparently not.

We've come a long way since he warned his party not to become seduced by the "trappings of power".

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Blair said...

Garry, random comment... I came across This article... is it really that big a deal over there?

CuriousHamster said...

From what I hear, it does seem to be increasingly contentious. I think it's more to do with where an MPs constituency is rather than prejudice against Scots.

The current Home Secretary, John Reid, is a Scottish MP. Because the HO is responsible for law and order in England but not in Scotland, Reid's decisions will affect people in England but not in his own constituents or anywhere else in Scotland. (The Scottish Parliament is responisble for law and order up here, not the Home Office.)

I can certainly understand why this causes resentment. There seems to be a growing movement for a devolved English parliament like the Scottish one. If that happens, people will probably start to question what the point is of the British parliament at all.

Not sure where this'll lead but it does seem to be causing an increase in English nationalism at the moment.

There is also talk that the Scottish nationalists might win the Scottish elections next year. That'd also raise questions about the Union. Interesting times.

Anonymous said...

Labour party elect leader who dies. Re-elect young and healthy Leader. Whole country hates Thatcher. Election. Labour wins. New leader calls the party New Labour. New Leader catches nasty dose of Legacyitis from A.Campbell and joins G.Bush in war on Iraq. Whole country hates New Leader. The Deputy fouls his nest. The Crown Prince is a dour and nasty Scot. Next....