Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Beat Goes On

It has been revealed (by the Daily Mail) that the police found a large quantity of cash in the house they so publically raided two weeks ago. The brothers' sister has had to insist to the press that there is nothing sinister about this. Her explanation, that the family don't use banking services because "Islam prohibits the keeping of money in circumstances where interest is earned or where it is paid," is straighforward enough.

But the question is, how was it revealed that the police found this money? How did this information find its way into the public domain? It seemsclaer that only the family or the police officers and other officials connected to the raid could possibly know. It seems equally clear that the family would not have wanted this information made public. (Would you like the world to know if you kept £38,000 in your home?)

So who was it exactly? And why was it done?

If you need an idea as to the impression some people might get from this, try reading the first few comments on the DM article. Guilty until proven innocent; it's the bedrock of all free societies...

I can only speculate that someone somewhere said something like this:
Are those waters muddy enough to get us off the hook yet Sarge or should I add another shovelful of shit?
Despite what Blair may think, being one hundred and one percent behind the police is not the same as allowing them to behave in an utterly unacceptable way. Quite the opposite in fact. These leaks must stop.


Obsolete has more on the Sun's role in this.

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. said...

The Sun splashed on this yesterday, and they thought that there were much more sinister reasons for why they had that amount of money:,,2-2006270627,2.html

CuriousHamster said...

Thanks for the link, I hadn't seen it. That is truly sickening.

(Btw, I've just noticed that you're not on my blogroll. I thought I'd added you ages ago. I'll sort that out.)

. said...

Cheers. :o)