Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Rare Moment of Clarity

From the Guardian:
One of Gordon Brown's closest aides has warned that Labour on its current course will lose the next election and be out of power for 15 years, since voters have lost trust in the party and will no longer listen to its message.

The warning by Michael Wills, a former Home Office minister and the Labour MP for Swindon North, is the most public disclosure yet of the deep concern in the chancellor's circle that Labour may lose the election unless there is a radical renewal of the party.
Ya think? Proper Einstein's, these guys, aren't they?

Here's a tip for radical renewal of the party.

Do it!

(I've shamelessly only very slightly (and badly) adapted a Bloggerheads original here.)

That ought to be the starting point. Then a proper leadership election. Not a coronation.

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. said...

It's come to something when it's Greg Dyke at the Compass conference who's the one talking the most sense.

The voters believe the government is cynical, lost direction and it is about spin. If I wake up one morning to hear one more government initiative on one more news programme knowing that it is bullshit and knowing it is not going to happen then I am going to despair."

which he says on the exact same day that John Reid announces he's sending the prisons minister on a summer holiday to America to see how Megan's law works. I can tell him how it works. Badly. Taxpayers money saved, and stupid populist tabloid friendly bullshit laws not put in place to be ripped up again within six months.