Wednesday, June 21, 2006

In Denial

That'll be another one of Blair's loyal lackeys pretending that the Labour Party is not in freefall then. Step forward Hazel Blears.
I simply don't recognise the picture Jackie Ashley paints of a Labour party on the edge of an electoral suicide pact (Blair will have to name the day at Labour's conference, June 19). Yes, it has been a tough few weeks. There have been self-inflicted wounds and the Tory party, helped by a media temporarily missing all critical faculties when it comes to David Cameron, is on the up.
A tough few weeks? Just have a think about that. Everything that is wrong with New Labour is encapsulated within that claim. "Yes, it has been a tough few weeks."

It's tragic really, a perfect example of the reasons why the "merchants of doom" are right.

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