Thursday, March 30, 2006

Time is the Enemy

I was a bit busy today (yesterday by the time anyone reads this). I've started preparing to demolish a wall in my flat if anyone's interested. My neighbours, their floor and my ceiling are also about to be demolished because of dry rot, are very nice. I've mentioned that before but it's still true. My father also. Knows more about DIY than I'll ever know. Anyway, been doing some of that.

So, I can't write much about the "compromise" on ID cards. It's the database. It's always been the database. The Lords have been hoodwinked. Bah! Bah! And thrice bah!

And I missed one of my all time favourite sights in politics. Punchy Prescott was standing in at PMQs. I'm sure parliamentary transcribers must dread it but I have to admit to finding his performances enormously entertaining. Am I a bad man?

And then there was Jack Straw with a textbook deployment of the standard Labour play the man gambit. I did find one nugget of truth. Jack said:
"The legacy of his publication and his betrayal is a very substantial one and a very poor one for him."
Indeed. Meyer had the affront to betray the trust put in him by his lying political masters. He had the audicity to think that the public has a right to know that we're governed by incompetant miscreants. How dare he! Now they're going to make sure he suffers for it.

They don't like it when the boot's on the other foot though. I'm going with slug. (Full strength non-prudish version available here.)

And probably lot's more stuff happened today/yesterday besides. Tomorrow/today, I'm going to break out the mallet. That plasterboard's going to take an almighty beating. I'll try not to think about Teflon Tony's smug mug as I smash the wall into teeny tiny pieces, really I will. Oh, who am I kidding?

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