Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Contempt All Round

The Blair government thinks you, yes you, are a fool.

Just when you thought you could no longer be surprised by the sheer bare faced effrontery of the Blair cabal, they decide that it's time to shoot the messenger.

Clarke's boss, and his cronies, quite deliberately kept the loans secret. We know from public statements that Lord Levy specifically asked for loans rather than donations.
Dr Patel said he was asked by Mr Blair's fundraiser, Lord Levy, to provide a loan rather than a donation, and said there were "categorically no strings attached to this". He said a loan was preferable because it did not have to be publicly disclosed.
It couldn't be clearer. This was an intentional attempt to exploit a loophole in order to keep the public in the dark.

Perhaps "serious questions about Jack Dromey's capacity" to be Party treasurer should be asked. He failed to realise the depths to which leading members of his own party would sink in order to secure funds. This is undoubtedly a worry.

But for the very people who kept him in the dark to suggest that he's the one with "serious questions" hanging over him is incredible. Where do they get off?

In other news, a professional criminal, finally caught after a long and fruitful crime spree, has complained that the police's continual failure to catch him raised serious questions about their capacity to do their jobs.

Lord Falconer, a man who's conscience appears to be entirely absent, has been trying to obscure the issue with his talk of the need to close this loophole. Marina Hyde explains Falconer's position most succinctly
So, if we are to understand him: a tiny cabal of New Labour figures sought a loophole in legislation they had fashioned entirely themselves, exploited it ruthlessly in total secrecy, were exposed, and now seek to have a "public debate" about it, proposing to outlaw a practice that was personally sanctioned by the prime minister in private barely one year ago. Did you ever hear anything so intellectually weak in your life?
No, is the straightforward answer.

Hyde continues:
But if we are to be routinely misled, could it not at least be with some modicum of skill, some pretence to rigour, something that resembles anything other than a two fingers to sentient beings over the age of seven? It seems not.
This government has become so arrogant that it does not even feel the need to extend that courtesy to the electorate. We are to be treated as fools, cattle to be herded into the polling booths as required.

Last year, Blair said "the important thing is to try and help this country become the democracy its people want it to be." Unfortunately, he was refering to Iraq, not Britain. Blair clearly believes that we in the UK are too stupid for democracy.

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