Saturday, March 11, 2006

New Labour Low

And I thought Jack Straw was about as odious a turd as you'd ever have the misfortune to be aware of. That was before I heard Kim Howells. This is a man who seems intend on making Jack look like a fresh summer meadow in a TV advert for fabric softener. He says:
People describe Iraq as a mess... but it is a mess that can't launch an attack now on Iran; a mess that won't be able to march into Kuwait; it's a mess that can't develop nuclear weapons. So yes it's a mess but it's starting to look like the sort of mess that most of us live in.
That's right. Iraq is starting to look like the sort of mess that most of us live in.

Does anyone know where Kim Howells lives? He's the MP for Pontypridd apparently. It's probably safe to assume that he's got a house in Wales there and another one in London.

It's also probably safe to assume that the mess which confronts him as he sets off to work each morning does not look anything like this.

Howells is in Iraq. Facetiousness aside, he really should leave the boundaries of whatever heavily defended enclave he's in and go for a stroll. Get a good close up look at the mess. It's not like he'll be in any danger. He's used to it, after all. It looks just like the mess he lives in at home.

It beggars belief. What an irredeemable tosser.

And the things Iraq can't now do? Can't launch an attack now on Iran and won't be able to march into Kuwait?

What was the Foreign Secretary saying about that in July 2002? "Saddam was not threatening his neighbours". The war hasn't change that then. Can't develop nuclear weapons? No change there either then.

And then he crows that we shouldn't take guidance from "swivel-eyed right-wing Americans" and expresses surprise that anybody ever would. What? Did he sleep through the start of the war? Has he not noticed this relationship? (Quicktime needed).

Irredeemable tossers.

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