Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Fundamental Democratic Point

The Times asks their "jury" whether Blair should go. Perhaps the most startling thing is that David Aaronovicht thinks he should go this autumn. My, my.

But Alistair Campbell is ever the staunch defender of the mendacious one. Does Alistair think he should go?

There is a fundamental democratic point overlooked by the homogenised metropolitan media chatterati. A year ago the public elected Tony Blair on a clear promise to serve a full term.
Really? I'm pretty sure I'd remember if we'd had a presidential election last year. I remember voting for a constituency MP. I'm almost certain I was not able to vote for Tony Blair though (not that I would have obviously, but you get the point). Yet another typical piece of worthless New Labour shit dressed up as reasonable debate.

And that's without even mentioning the fact that Blair had to have Brown surgically attached to him for the entire length of the election campaign.

And I, and many people I know, are apparently a part of the "homogenised metropolitan media chatterati".

Piss off Campbell. You really are the lowest of the low.

The good news is, more and more people are seeing through his and his boss's shit.


Campbell describes Blair as "a successful, winning, by historic standards popular, leader".

Here's a historical look at the percentages of eligible voters who supported the winning party since 1951 (snafled from the BBC).

Election Dullness

In other words, over the last fifty years, no victorious party has ever received less popular support than the current Labour government. I doubt it'd look any different if you went further back either. As such, I can't see any difficulty in saying that by historic standards, the current government is the least popular British government ever.

Even John Major's Tories managed to get around 35%. Compare that to the historically unprecedented 22% at the last election and you get some idea of the scale of Campbell's shit.

And I forgot to mention Polly's infamous nosepegs.

I'll say it again.

Piss off Campbell. Youy really are the lowest of the low.

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