Saturday, March 25, 2006

Blimey Indeed

Via Tim Worstall, an interesting window into the soul of moderate political opinion in Britian today. Vicki Woods gave a talk about "Everyday Politics" to a group of middle aged, middle class, and presumably church going people in middle England.
I was hoping to conclude with the Bill that's currently frightening me most, but I forgot its (deliberately) forgettable name. "The Legislative Reform Bill!" they shouted, and when I explained its ex cathedra powers, they said: "It's worse than that!" - because they'd read it.

"Last question?" said the vicar at 9.40pm and a man asked: "Do you think Britain will just sleepwalk its way towards disfranchisement or do you think there's something else we can do?" Like what exactly? "Like revolution? It's been a long time since we had the last one."

Indeed. That'll be the legacy of Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, one of the world's great great defenders of democracy.

One wall.
One firing squad.

Edit - Vicki, not Jacki. Doh. Thanks Tim.

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