Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Teh Terror

Let's here it for Peter Oborne and the Independent (althought the Independent will put the article behind a paywall in a few days time. Boo). Rather than selecting a quote or two, I strongly recommend reading the article. It's one of the very few times I've read the truth about the "ricin ring" in the MSM. Lot's more good stuff too including details of the entirely bogus plot to bomb Old Trafford. Oborne makes an awful lot of sense.

That leads, of course, to todays vote on Blair's half baked tabloid pleasuring schemes. The PMOS says "[t]he entire government believes we need a clear signal to the courts and the police and to anyone who who would condone terrorism". Clear signal? I think that should read "the entire government believes we need a clear signal to the tabloids and the public that we are doing something about this and the opposition parties are not even though what we're actually doing isn't useful and may well be counter-productive".

The politicisation of the threat of terrorism is one of the worst things the Blairbrown government has ever done. Playing politics with such an issue is deeply irresponsible.

Blair is doing it right now at PMQs while I write this. I'm in agreement with William Hague for crying out loud. What's happened to the world?

Not to support me would be a to send a massive counter-productive signal, says Blairbrown. He's mentioned the placards again and again. Signal. Signal. Signal. We must send a signal that we do not tolerate this....

Laws. Are. Not. A Signalling. Device.

I utterly loathe the tactics of this government.

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