Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Guns don't kill people...

Dick Cheney

We all know that Dick shot someone with a shotgun and I've already made the obligatory trigger happy joke. One other thing about this really is worth noting though. The spin on this one borders on the ridiculous. That's the other side of the border, obviously.

It was the other guys fault. He should have called out to alert the vice-President of his presence. The man who aimed the gun and pulled the trigger was entirely blameless...

Ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha. Ha. That's even funnier than one of Jon Stewart's jokes. See, I'd always thought that the person with the gun was the one responsible for the high speed projectiles which it fires from the dangerous end at potentially lethal velocity. I'd always thought that the first rule of hunting was to know what you're shooting at before you shoot because there isn't an "unshoot" button on the average shotgun.

And Dick didn't even have the hunting license he needed to take part in this hunt. This, I remind you, is the brainy one. Oh dear, oh dear.

Ps, you've got to love China Daily's choice of photograph.

10 ways Dick Cheney can kill you (via).

And from there, it appears Dick Cheney has gone and shot my evil twin. The man's a danger.

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