Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I seem to have made it onto the Channel 4 News press release email list. No idea how that happened but it seems to have happened to a fair few bloggers. Blogging goes mainstream and stuff. Anyway, I know who won the Channel 4 political award for 2005 before they've announced it on the programme. I was watching the it while checking my email and there it was. And the winner is... ? Oh, they'll be announcing it shortly. Do you want a hint?

Oh secrets are such fun. Half an hour of childish pleasure for me. Hurray!

It was Jamie Oliver. It's a strange world where a celebrity chef is the most inspiring political figure of 2005. Fair play to him though. Good to see Shami Chakrabarti in second and well deserved too. Does anyone know if she'd like to be leader of the Liberal Democrats (he half joked)?

Galloway was the most inspiring MP. Remarkable He does inspire strong reactions I suppose.

Tony was last. Ha ha!

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