Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Seperation of Powers

Just a quick follow up to my previous post on the Liberty Central project.

Starting here, I've read various posts and comments, from positive support and constructive criticism all the way through to missing the point completely. It seems that two projects are emerging. There is, I think, some quite understandable confusion about this as much of it is being discussed, debated and formulated in a public forum. This openness is obviously very confusing for those involved in traditional politics (sorry, but cheap jokes are my thing). Also, as already mentioned, many people advocating this are also staunchly anti-New Labour and this has muddied the waters somewhat.

I've left variations on this theme in a few comment boxes today, and much of it is already in the previous post but I thought I'd solidify some thought here. Two projects.

The first project is Libery Central. As described on Talk Politics, this is not intended to be an anti-New Labour movement. The goal is not to get the Conservatives back into power in the probably vain hope that they'd be better than the current government. As Jonah commented on a previous post, that would very much be like going back to 1997 all over again.

So Liberty Central isn't about that; it is very much a pro-liberty movement. The consensus seems to be that any tactical voting solutions offered there will be based on garnering support for those MPs and candidates who are sympathetic to the cause. This is a long term project which will focus primarily on working towards the next general election. It is intended to build support for radical changes to the current political system, to create a coalition of people who genuinely want to change British politics for the better.

The second project is the anti-New Labour movement, described on occassion as the "anyone but Labour" campaign. This is, I maintain a necessary evil in the current situation but it should be an entirely seperate campaign. It should have shorter term goals. Specifically, it should work to limit the excesses of the current government by giving them something seriously worrying to think about. A bloody nose at the local elections would, in my view, be a good start. It can certainly be argued, as some have, that this is unfair on the many hard working Labour councillors who have no control over national party policy or the leadership. I have some sympathy for that view.

But, and it's a big but (stop that sniggering), the Labour party is your party, people. Blair has been in power for a long time and you, the Labour Party, are the only one's who can remove him from his current position. That you have not done so is telling. We've given you a long time to do something and you have not. Now, I'm afraid, it's payback time. The gloves are coming off.

So, seperate issues. Overlapping yes, but seperate. Liberty Central should be about building a cross-party consensus on a better future. "Anyone but Labour" should be about a bearable present. That's my view of it anyway.

And now, I'm off to ridicule John Reid in the post I meant to write this morning.

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