Friday, February 17, 2006

Into the Quagmire

Today, I fell into a bog. I was trying to clear out the garbage at the bottom of the aforementioned bog when I lost my balance and fell backwards into the fetid gunk. It was. I can assure you, an incredibly smelly,messy business.

Much as I'd like to explain this as a metaphor, I'm afraid I can't. That's because today, I fell into a bog.

Really. I did have on thigh length waterproof boots but it turns out that they're pretty much useless at keeping you clean or dry when you fall backwards into a bog. My feet had become stuck in the gloop so it was a slow motion affair; I lost my balance slightly but couldn't take a step back to sort it out and ended up waving my arms windmill style until finally falling into the bog. Splash.

I did just manage to keep my head out of the bog. Which was nice. No apparent injuries either.

Anyway, if there'd been a video camera around, I'm assured by those who saw the bog falling incident that I'd definitely have made it onto You've Been Framed. But there wasn't a video rolling so my 15 minutes of fame will have to wait. As such, I thought I'd relate it here instead. Today, I fell into a bog.


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