Monday, February 06, 2006

Let's do the time warp

Image it's 1967. The Beatles have just released Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and the Rolling Stone's Between the Buttons had reached number 2 in the US album charts earlier in the year. Protests against the Vietnam war are starting to gather momentum. It's the weekend and you're with your friends. You might like to image you've taken some mind expanding drugs. It is the Sixties after all.

A friend starts to tell you about a dream he'd had the previous night. He tells you that he dreamt that it was 2006 and the Rolling Stones had been censored while performing at the half time Superbowl show. He says that the dream was so lucid that he is sure it was a vision and that it will happen. You, quite rightly, advise him to cut back on the weed, man. He tells you that he'd also dreamt about Paul McCartney playing the Superbowl in 2005 and that it had been/will be very well received. You take away his reefer and tell him it's, like, totally time to chill out and like, clear your head dude.*

Strangely, the tripped out hippy was right after all. That's like totally freaky.

Not sure what this says about music or censorship in the 21st century. Pretty sure it says something though.

But mostly, I think it says something about how much sex people were having in the early Fifties. Bloody baby boomers.

* Apologies. I wasn't born then. This is more Bill and Ted than Sixties, I suspect.

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