Friday, December 16, 2005

World Exclusive

After a significant silence Sir Menzies Campbell has said he will not stand against Charles Kennedy for the leadership of the Liberal Democrats. A Lib Dem insider has emailed me with details of the deal agreed between the two men which led to that announcement.

Sir Menzies had insisted that it was time for Mr Kennedy to stand down. Mr Kennedy initially resisted but came to realise that his position was untenable. He maintained, however, that the timing of his departure should be carefully planned. Mr Kennedy argued that the current media interest surrounding David Cameron would overshadow any Lib Dem leadership contest. Kennedy argued that postponing his departure until the current euphoria for Cameron dies down would be to the benefit of the party. Sir Menzies agreed that this was a sensible solution and offered his backing on the understanding that Mr Kenndy would resign as soon as the initial hype surrounding Cameron dies down. Both men expect this to happen in a matter of weeks rather than months. You heard it hear first folks.

Na, just joking. Sounds pretty plausible though, don't you think? (Apart from me getting emails from party insiders obviously.) I'm afraid I don't think Charles is going to last much longer one way or another.

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