Friday, December 02, 2005

Interwebs and the Westminster Bubble

Tim Ireland is planning a weblog seminar for MPs on the potential benefits and pitfalls of blogs as a means to communicate with their constituents. Blogging provides an excellent opportunity for MPs to communicate with those they represent in a meaningful way, especially if guided by a blog jedi.

I've written to Anne Begg, my own MP, about the benefits of blogging in the past but Anne remains unconvinced. I fear she is unlikely to attend the seminar.

Another noteworthy effort to use the interwebs to enable MPs to engage more with their constituents comes for the people behind Pledgebank (and numerous other excellent ideas besides). It's called HearFromYourMP. If you're interested in UK politics it's definitely worth checking out.

From the FAQs:
We've got a proper Ts&Cs page. The main rule is simple though — don't be an arse and you'll get by fine.
Outstanding principle for, well, life.

I was amazed to discover that I was the 8th person to sign up in Aberdeen South. Are there really 7 other people in Aberdeen who share my interest in politics and interwebbery? Where are they and why have I never met them? Perhaps it's because we're all stuck in front of computers all day and are allergic to daylight. Seriously though, 's a good idea and that. They even have a box you can use to help promote the service:

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