Thursday, December 15, 2005

A Narrative of Events

Rachel's message to Mr Blair:
How dare you presume you know our questions and how dare you presume that they can be answered by a 'narrative of what happened', as if we are children to be placated with a story. I know what happened, I want to know why. I want a debate, Mr Blair, I want a dialogue. I will not shut up about it either.
Here here. As with most narratives, before it's published the final manuscript will be subject to editorial control. In this case, the editor is nominally Charles Clarke. In practical terms, it's Tony Blair. That's hardly likely to inspire confidence in the reliability fo the narrative.

The reality is that the decision not to hold a public enquiry into the London terrorist attacks, like so much else this government does, is based on a need to avoid difficult questions about their conduct with regard to Iraq. I'd say it's the largest ever elephant in the room but that really doesn't do it justice.

Scientists today announced that the world's largest and most poisonous, divisive, corrosive, yet strangely almost invisible elephant is believed to be hiding in the political atmosphere of the United Kindom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is, they say, causing unprecedented damage to the political landscape of the country. "This creature is likely to cause lasting, possibly permanant damage unless steps are taken to confront and remove it" said one expert. A Downing Street spokesman dismissed the claims as "ludicrous".

Rachel suggests a course of action. Here here. Again.

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