Friday, December 02, 2005

In a short post, Norm expresses his displeasure with the BBC. He highlights a question posed on the "BBC website" and suggests that this indicates something or other. "I just love it that my licence fee goes to support such (airhead) stuff", he says. The thing is, if you look at the question in context, it begins to look like Norm has chosen his quote rather carelessly. He didn't include the question immediately above the two he did quote. It asks whether there is an "unhealthy obsession with Israel's human rights record while other worse offenders avoid scrutiny". Stranger still, he doesn't seem to have read the sentence immediately after the question he did quote. It says:
These questions are raised by controversial US author and historian Norman Finkelstein in his new book "Beyond Chutzpah".
The question he chose to highlight was not raised by the BBC, as his post implies. Furthermore, the BBC explicitly stated that these questions have been raised by a "controversial" author. How odd that such a distinguished blogger would make such an error. Disingenuous Norm? Or just careless?

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