Thursday, December 22, 2005

What do Iraqis Say?

I strongly recommend reading this (via). These are the first reports.

Here are some some more Iraqi blogger's posts on the election results if you're interested.

Having ploughed my way through the ejaculatory valedictory proclamations of various US "pro-war" bloggers and their comment swarms in recent days, it appears that many would consider a post like this to be a gleeful celebration of the apparent failure of the Bush's Iraq project or a moonbat refusal to accept that there is "good news" coming from Iraq. The very unpleasant reality is that good news is very thin on the ground in Iraq at the moment.

Pretending that this isn't the case in order to avoid political embarrassement isn't going to make the situation any better. It might help take the heat off the political situation at home but it won't do anything to improve conditions for the people of Iraq. To do that would be to take the cowards way out. To do that would be to abandon the Iraqi people. To do that would be the betrayal of all those who have lost their lives in Iraq. That's what a post like this is about.

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