Saturday, November 04, 2006

Whiter than white

Guardian: Blair's top lawyer to advise on cash for honours charges
The attorney general, Lord Goldsmith, a close political ally of the prime minister, is preparing to advise prosecutors on whether to bring charges in the cash for peerages inquiry, the Guardian has learned. He will be consulted by the Crown Prosecution Service, and is expected to give his views on whether charging Tony Blair, or anyone else, is in the public interest.

Though he will not take the final decision, Lord Goldsmith's involvement has angered MPs who made the complaint.

It has also caused anxiety among officers at Scotland Yard, who privately wonder whether he will have the courage to endorse the prosecution of the man who appointed him. They cite Ken MacDonald, the director of public prosecutions, who has declared he will take no part in the case because he is a former colleague of the prime minister's wife.
Whiter than white.

Maybe he was talking about the thoroughness of his whitewashing techniques.

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KeirHardiesCap said...

They just don't get it do they? Baron Goldfalcon and all of them - just taking the piss.