Thursday, November 02, 2006

Now that the media furore surrounding the the Israeli war on Lebanon has died down, it's just a memory of images on the TV for most of us. We, thankfully, don't live there.

Meanwhile, as Israel yet again sends tanks and helicopter gunships into the densely populated Gaza Strip, no-one really gives a fuck. Well, they're only Palestinians. They're used to it...

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Mark McDonald said...

It is rather alarming that the media's ability to completely drop a story after most of the 'visually disturbing' stuff has died down completely desensitizes the population.

"OH, BBC have stopped reporting on Lebanon, I guess eveything is hunky-dory now"

If only the media attention span was not so fleeting, but then they are driven by this 'report everything in an inadequate length of time' mindset, which seems to have been imported from the U.S. networks.

In short, the news doctrine seems to be more or less saying "screw analysis - give us the juicy stuff"