Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Bounce

Blair is, unsurprisingly, determined to have his way on the replacement of Trident, no matter what anyone else says.
One minister said last night: "The PM is determined to force this through and there is little we can do to stop him. It's a bounce. It's just a pity we couldn't debate the issue."
Oh, what a surprise!

It's almost tempting to be sympathetic towards the nameless minister, presumably either Beckett, Hain or Benn (from the article), but that won't do. For someone who has agreed, after all that has happened, to continue to work in Blair's Cabinet to now complain about his undemocratic attitude to decision making is rank hypocrisy of a particularly malodorous nature.

Resign from the Cabinet, speak out, demand his resignation but don't whisper to the press that you don't approve of his dictatorial attitude whilst simultaneously enabling him to stay in power. No, that will not fucking do, you spineless, pathetic, career obsessed lickspittles. If the current crop of New Labour ministers and junior ministers decided to work together to start a fire, I very much doubt they'd be able to find two principles to rub together.

As I write this, the petition calling for the government not to review Trident is the fourth most signed petition out of 550 on the Downing Street website. No doubt our nameless minister was shocked to discover that Blair couldn't give a fuck.

Tossers, the lot of them.

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KeirHardiesCap said...

BlairT is obviously going to get a Thatcheresque kickback from the Merkins for this. They will make the most money out of it. No other plausible reason.

CuriousHamster said...

That is quite likely. He's going to be jumping on the gravy train to the US as soon as he leaves office.

I also read that Gordon is keen on replacing Trident because it'll generate some manufacturing and servicing jobs in Scotland.

What next? Gordon supports new gas chamber manufacturing facility in the central belt! "It'll create 500 hundred new jobs" he boasts.

I'm being facetious but still, there are surely better ways to employ people than in the manufacturing WMD.