Monday, November 13, 2006

The Party Comes First

The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust has just produced a new report. They say:
The government's counter-terrorism campaign is often driven by party-political and electoral motives that are 'submerging' its own 'sensible' counter-terrorism strategy.

The actions of ministers, particularly Home Secretary John Reid, could have a 'boomerang effect' by alienating the Muslim communities whose trust and co-operation are vital.
Hear hear (apart from a query over their use of the word "sensible").

The Blair government has consistently prioritised party political and electoral motives above public safety, the national interest or any other concern. Blair and his acolytes are far more interested in "playing to the tabloid gallery" than they are in good governance.

Last week, Sir Ian Blair and Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller launched what is obviously another coordinated attempt "prepare public opinion" for yet another round of authoritarian tabloid pleasing measures. Neither of these people is an elected politician but our great leader has no qualms about destroying the barrier which has historically existed between politician and civil servant and co-opting them into participating in his political strategies. This dangerous dismantling of a crucial long standing distinction serves no-one but Blair and is likely to do long term damage to the British political process. He really is an unscrupulous self-serving git.

So, ninety days detention without charge will soon be back on the cards along with who knows what else. When it comes to destroying our freedoms, the terrorists have an awfully long way to go before they're even in the same league as Anthony Charles Lynton Blair.

This government is, to borrow a phrase, not fit for purpose.

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