Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Sun's front page on Tuesday was quite something. Obsolete says what I thought when I saw it (but better and with links).

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Beachhutman said...

Err, worth loking at saturdays letters page though!

"THE Government has shown contempt for the beliefs and values of the moderate traditionalist view and tried to appease militant minorities. Is it any surprise we have a potentially dangerous society? This is what happens when you try to silence free speech in a democracy."

"YOU can print all the pictures of foreigners you like and say how wonderful they are but you will never get me to believe they are British. They should all be proud of THEIR heritage."

"THE multi-cultural experiment is not working, and forcing this issue to work will only be akin to what Hitler tried to do. There are far too many different religions and cultures that are destined to collide and will not compromise due to their beliefs."

Is this to be Blair's legacy?