Saturday, December 30, 2006

Thanks for the memories.

Juan Cole fleshes out the details.

It seems clear that Saddam's farcical trial and subsequent execution were partly motivated by a desire to keep secret the details of U.S. government cooperation with the tyrant over the years.

On another note, when al-Maliki, Bush's "ally and friend", signed the death warrant, I wonder if he really thought through the implications of what was about to happen to the U.S. government's erstwhile ally. There are signs, after all, that Iraq's current Prime Minister is no longer the apple in the eye of the U.S. administration.

In another world, that'd be a facetious joke. But not in this one.

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Bag said...

What these people don't seem to see is that people watch and learn. Iran discovered that having nukes, NK, lead to virtually nothing yet, not having nukes led to invasion.

Tyrants discovered that they need to make sure they are covered for memoirs and not to leave all your records where they can be taken away. If Saddam had used them for blackmail he might be in a better position now. (slightly shorter for one thing) Now it's the US releasing the info when it suits them.

Al-Maliki, if he has any sense, will make sure his ass is covered from the US. it won't help him with his Iraqi chums though. So when he is voted out he will move to the US or die.