Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We'll Say Anything, We Will

There seems to be something in the air this week. On Monday, Tory poster boy Iain stuck it too the big supermarkets for being beastly to traditional Conservative voters. Maybe he believes that putting political expediency before principle is a good way to rebuild public confidence in the integrity of the political system.

Yesterday, the Tories launched "It's Time to Fight Back" (pdf) proving first of all that they really didn't think very hard about the title of their document on ways to decrease violence in the UK.

The report contains this:
Parents need the support of wider society. Too often, the positive lessons learnt by children at home are undermined by negative lessons taught by popular culture... [T]he music industry, and in particular the lyrics and videos of rap, hip-hop and R&B... often explicitly popularise gangs, guns, a culture of unconstrained acquisition, and...
Hold on a minute there. Promoting "a culture of unconstrained acquisition" is a negative lesson? For the Tories?

Now you really are 'avin a giraffe.

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Demon said...

I await the unveiling of a graph that will plot on one curve the rise of lyrics in pop music approving of violence and match it against the curve for the rise in violent crime on the streets.

Christ I feel old. I remember seeing Tipper Gore launch her campaign against bad lyrics in music in 1985, 22 bloody years ago. This shit just comes and goes like Halley's Comet. People demonstrate that it has no basis in reality, the proponents go silent for a few years, then they come back with the same bullshit. Rinse, repeat...

They complained about Elvis' wiggling hips too. The USA lost the Vietnam war because of them.