Friday, August 17, 2007

It's A Quagmire

Says Dick in 1994.


What else is there to say?


the great dandini said...

Creepin'Jesus, turns out he *does* know what he's on about after all.

sam_m said...

"What else is there to say?"

Well, for a kickoff, why has this surfaced now when 2002/03 would've been a far more apposite time?? On R4, James Naughtie didn't have the nous to ask the C Span guy that, or himself the same question!!
The UK media has been complicit in the betrayal of this country, the suffering of the Iraqi people and the end of the United Nations.
Oh, and take my word for it, Dick is a killer.

CuriousHamster said...

Totally agree that the media was at fault in the run up to the war for not raising this. Even if this clip has only just been discovered languishing in some storage room, what Dick said there was Republican policy for a long while and was based on a reasonable understanding of the situation.

After the US let Saddam use helicopters against the 1991 uprisings, years of US/UK imposed UN sanctions, and the influx of Jihadis that the US presence would provoke, the situation in 2003 was obviously going to be even more difficult than it would have been in 1991.

What remains a mystery is why Dick and co. changed their minds.

Anonymous said...

It took Opinions Are Like Arseholes three days to catch up. What a pointless shower...

CuriousHamster said...

The link doesn't work so it took me a wee while to work out what you meant there, anonymous.

This is the link, I think.

Good job on getting there 3 days before CiF.