Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Moving Forward

Why do I get the feeling that this will be more Chucklevision than 2020 Vision? The website, and especially that photo (New Labour: now with added symbolism and sexiness and everything), almost provoked an inadvertent tea/nostril interface. My snort was somewhere between amusement and derision.

And Alan and Charles would clearly make excellent Chuckle Brothers. Which one has the guts, not gut, that's obviously Charles, the guts to stand against Gordon?

"To you." "To me." "To you." "To me..."

On the face of it, the project itself is not a bad idea. On the face of it. But there's obviously a bit more to it than that.

Personally, I'd very much like to see Brown face a credible challenger when Blair finally departs but there isn't exactly an abundance of those doing the rounds. Meacher and McDonnell have no realistic prospect of winning, Reid is the scariest man in British politics, Alan Johnson's bid was a busted flush, David Miliband has repeatedly ruled himself out and John Denham doesn't seem interested either.

And really, Milburn and Clarke? Politics is about the future not the past.

(Those philistines unfamiliar with the Chuckle Brothers artistic output can start their education here.)


redpesto said...

Chuckle Brothers? Laurel and Hardy, surely?

(And yes, I know, you're name's not Shirley)

Sam said...

the link doesn't work, or has the site been hastily pulled?

sam_m said...

From the 2020 vision site... "A Conservative victory would be bad for Britain ". Why?? They fail to address this statement.
I don't mind them proselytising but they're apparently preaching to the converted. WTF??
They're going to get nowhere with this.

michael the tubthumper said...

new labour was a conservative victory!

Paul said...

It's a cheap shot at Gordon's sight impedement, calling the project "2020 vision". They should leave mocking the disabled to UKIP.

RickB said...

I have to give the vote to -Chucklevision- shortest but best joke about 2020 I've read.
-To you, to me- getting nowhere.