Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Fear

The Republicans have launched a new campaign ad for the congressional elections.

Original ad can be viewed here.

Here are two questions so simple that even the Republicans should be able to answer them.
  1. Is the central method of terrorism based around spreading fear?
  2. Should we help?
Answers on a postcard to:
Yes, I Want to Help Bin Laden Scare the American People
The Whitehouse
The United States of America

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Sunny said...

Well, given that Republicans are now rated lower than the Democrats even on defense, I'd laugh if this backfired in their faces.
It's such a lame tactic.

Ferny454 said...

but....but....but....this tactic has worked so well for the past six years...why not try it again????

The most pathetic thing is that so many people think this God-fearing administration is still protecting them. I try to talk to friends...and it's like their ears are glued shut to reality. They just know they don't want the Democrats in power..because they will spend so much money (HA!) and will open up the floodgates to illegal immigrants. I just hope there are enough voters on Nov. 7th who will take these people out!

This is no longer my country and I want it back!