Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Common Ground

In a break from our normal schedule, here's something which happened in the real world.

I was out visiting family yesterday. When their six year old got home from school, he was in a very good mood indeed. Once he'd opened his school bag, the reasons for his happiness became obvious; he'd been given a party bag with sweeties in it to tkae home. Hmm, sweeties...

Inside the bag was a short note explaining a little about Ramadan and the custom of giving gifts to children to celebrate Eid. The note didn't say who had given the gifts. Trying to break through the excitement caused by the much anticipated eating of the sweeties, his dad asked who had brought them into school. We were informed that "Mavi" had brought one in for everyone in the class. His Dad, trying to put a face to the name, asked him if Mavi was a boy or a girl. "He's a boy daddy, just like me!" was the exasperated reply.

That really warmed the cockles of my cold cynical heart, I can tell you.

This almost to good to be true story is actually true. No liberties have been taken in the retelling.


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