Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ugly Rumours

"He needs to go with the crowds wanting more. He should be the star who won't even play that last encore. In moving towards the end he must focus on the future."
- Leaked Memo on Blair's departure strategy
If you're able to put aside the fact that we've got an unhinged egomaniac running the country, this memo is actually quite amusing. As has been well documented, Blair is a fame obsessed failed wannabe pop star; that influence has clearly permeated his clique most thoroughly.

But given the fact that having an unhinged egomaniac running the country is really rather serious, it's probably best not to put the fact aside. How the Labour Party have managed to do so for so long is one of the enduring mysteries of our time.

Perhaps now, at last, they've finally realised that enough is enough. With the opinion polls becominging increasingly grim, it looks like self-interest might be motivating Labour MPs to act; self-interest is, of course, a far more effective motivator than matters of conscience when it comes to Labour MPs.

Still, better that than continuing to allow the deluded one to wreck the Labour Party and, far more importantly, the country for another year.

Or perhaps they'll bottle it yet again. The thing is, they must be aware that it's going to take a long time for the Labour Party to rid itself of the virulent influence of Blair's "legacy". The fact that the spineless wonders will almost certainly try to allow Blair to leave with his dignity intact isn't going to help. They need to act now. But will they?

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Dr Dan H. said...

This sort of thing frankly doesn't surprise me one bit; Blair has always seemed a complete phoney to me.

I personally reckon that he always wanted power for the sake of power, for the sake of being the person in control of things. This is why he's never really managed to achieve much save inadvertently; he's far too busy being in control of things and making sure he has absolute backing to ever actually do anything unpopular that needed doing.

Problem now is that he's surrounded himself with gutless phoneys; not a leader nor a useful politician amongst the lot of 'em. The Labour Project is slowly going to pot; greedy corrupt morons milking the taxpayer left, right and centre without so much as a guilty thought let alone any conscience.

It will take a very great deal to make this lot honest, and to scare the Civil Service into some sort of shape now.

Reid may just have part of what it takes; Brown assuredly doesn't.

What is likely to happen now is a prolonged period of Bliar-harrying until the entire party, spineless yellow jackals that they are, finally gang up on him.

What actually needs to happen is for Brown, or Reid or somebody to take it upon themselves to try kick Blair out. Do that and for the remainder of the parliament you have someone with at least a little moral authority over the MPs; a simple coronation of Brown is highly likely to result in a lame duck of a PM with scant authority and no actual leadership.

korova said...

Certainly someone within the cabinet should force Blair out, but the thought of Reid running the country fills me full of dread.