Tuesday, September 26, 2006

There is... ample evidence that the American media, on the eve of the crucial midterm elections, have lost interest in the chaotic saga, with network news coverage in recent weeks plummeting and Page One newspaper dispatches from Iraq growing sparse. The media fade has come at a perfect time for the White House as it attempts to shift voters' attention away from Iraq and move it over to the war on terror.

What's so startling is that we've seen this exact media retreat before -- during the fall of the 2004 campaign. Back then, when sustained, aggressive coverage of the unfolding chaos inside Iraq could have done real damage to the Bush/Cheney ticket, the press shifted its attention away from Baghdad
- Media Matters (via)
That'll be that pesky liberal media bias again then.

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Charlie Whitaker said...

Did you see this?

CuriousHamster said...

I hadn't seen that. Extraordinary.

I guess it's caused by the combination of a desire not to upset the Whitehouse and the need to satisfy the American psyche. Generalising wildly, many Americans just don't buy defeat.

That's something the Republicans seem able to exploit massively to hide their failures.