Thursday, September 20, 2007


Bloggerheads is down and here's the explanation. Also affected are Craig Murray and the blogs of Bob Piper, Boris Johnson and The UK Today.

To mark this moment, here's a little competition. Complete the following sentence in ten words or less.*
Alisher Usmanov is...
* Please note that the correct answer is "a very nice man". Any other answers will be immediately deleted.


Justin's post has been added to substantially. Over 100 bloggers have already responded to Usmanov's actions and the list is growing. There's lots of good stuff there. Mr Eugenides repeatedly hits the nail on the head and RickB is well worth reading. I also particularly liked The Spine's blog protecting T-shirt.


beaubodor said...

Alisher Usmanov is... an anagram of :
server answers here

Falco said...

I think the most appropriate anagram is "Arsenal His Ovum".

as to the other; a deeply disturbing man

Anonymous said...

hiding a webserver under his double chin.

TN said...

looks like The Spine has been pulled as well?

Anonymous said...

Good on yer Curious Hamster. The blogosphere is indeed providing a public service on this character.

Garry said...

Heh. I love some of those anagrams.

poons, I suspect The Spine had bandwidth problems rather than censorship ones. It seems to be back up now.

didn't care... Thanks. It is good to see everyone pulling together. Interweb searches for Alisher Usmanov are much more interesting now than they were this time last week. Schillings may have scored the biggest own goal in British blogging history.

Chris Paul said...

Remodelled as the art lover Alisher Creosotemanov.