Monday, March 12, 2007

Selective "Outrage"

For those not aware of it, Tim posted about the hypocrisy of one PragueTory on Friday and there's a follow up here. Dear oh dear.

So, when is beyond the pale not beyond the pale? Personally, I'd say that unjustifiably smearing someone as a paedophile actually is beyond the pale in all cases. PT appears to think differently. I've been waiting all weekend for an explanation as to why this is but no answer was forthcoming.

So, here's a short post dedicated to PT (and one of his commenters).
Another Rightie Goes Beyond the Pale

The Right definitely dominate when the blogosphere comes to posting things that are completely beyond the pale. And it seems like the material is coming thicker (pun intended) and faster than ever.

"Guido Fawkes" (who has boasted of his use of illegal tax evasion strategies) wrote that Mark Oaten was "a slaphead who most mothers would feel uneasy seeing near a playground". This comment was made last year.

Remarkably "Guido" is allowing his comment to stand.

There can be no doubt that the left occupy the erudite, blogging high-ground while the right prefer the low swamp of attack and innuendo

No, obviously not. Because, you see, I realise that although "the right" has it's fair share of tossers, hypocrites and bastards just like any other group of human beings, it would be unfair on the many decent people of the right to extrapolate that sort of behaviour in this stupid generic way in an attempt to gain partisan political advantage. It would be misleading, dishonest and well, just not very nice.

That obviously isn't a concern shared by everyone though.


Praguetory said...

As with Councillor Kelly, when Chad Noble said that Iain Dale looked like a paedophile, I said he should take it back (Dizzy's archives). Chad is a right-winger. I have had no evidence of Guido calling anyone a paedophile.

Guido 2.0 said...

Praguetory said: "I have had no evidence of Guido calling anyone a paedophile."

Is that so?
Well, that's easily fixed.

Anonymous said...

I have had no evidence of Guido calling anyone a paedophile

Translated: Fingers in the ears shouting 'la, la, la, can't hear you'.


Anonymous said...

And anyway, don't be too hard on poor Praguetory. He can't go scrutinising Guido too much or the coat-tails he's riding on will be whipped away pretty smartish. It's an entourage thing.

Garry said...

I have had no evidence of Guido calling anyone a paedophile.

I have no evidence that ostriches stick their heads in the sand...

You know what lads. I think PT probably doesn't want to play this game.