Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Just a bit of fun*

As promised this post contains only good things, nice things, and fun things. These are links to stuff which I like and some might be considered to be in bad taste. If you are a regular blogger some of them might be old news. If so, I can only say "originality is the art of remembering what you hear but not where you hear it". I'm pretty sure that's a paraphrase of a famous quotation but I can't remember who said it. On to the links.

The first three are all via Bloggerheads in one way or another. If you don't read Bloggerheads regularly then you're probably not very well informed ( this is something I've had some previous experience of, so don't feel bad.). Anyway.

We are what we do is a website which everyone should spend some time reading. I'll be paying another visit as soon as I've written this post.

Camilla Queen is very funny. It is not suitable for Diana lovers, something I remembered too late when letting H2O listen to it. They still laughed though.

I enjoyed playing WMD HUNT and I scored a maximum 3000 points (admittedly on the second attempt).

Did I mention that all of those came via Bloggerheads? In a roundabout way the next one did as well. It's the vote-o-matic on the Observer Blog. Proper in depth political questions? Have a look and see what you think. I won't tell you what it recommended for me but it was something of a surprise.

This post on BigDaddyBlog has a video link which I've been laughing about for two days straight. It's Paxman reading the weather. If you haven't seen that you absolutely must go and watch it. Fantastic!

The Zoomquilt is just plain weird but in a good way. (via Jim Bliss)
One more. It's Mr Tangerine Man, a song about the man, the ego, the Kilroy. (via Stuart at Independence)

I was intending to finish with a link to a picture of a combine hamster for my favourite Blair. Unfortunately, this has not turned out quite as I'd like.
This means the rather unimaginative answer has to be "I don't think so" at this stage. I'll give it another go at some point ;o)
(I think I could probably track down the owner of a combine harvester though, I do know some people with farming connections.)

One more thing. Those with strong religious tendancies may want to look away now.
I was watching Newsnight earlier and Christina Odone, former editor of the Catholic Herald, said:
"The church right now needs a Good Shepard in it's pope and instead it's got a German Shepard..."
I think this is pretty funny, especially as I've edited out "...whose bark and whose bite we have all heard and felt." which sort of spoils it. It'd be much better if it had been unintentional. Wouldn't be fair not to include it though.
That's it. The next post, barring a "road to Damascus" moment, will be a return to cynical critisism of politicians and their chums.

*Copyright Peter Snow and used here without permission.

Edit, but I'm not saying where.

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