Tuesday, September 18, 2007

There is no Spoon

The immediate reaction of Muslims around the world to the attacks of September 11th 2001 has been through the revisionist grinder in fairly major way. There's a growing perception that there were mass celebrations on the streets of the Muslim world in response to these attacks.

I thought take the time to highlight the fact that this is complete nonsense with the help of this handy link from the American Academy of Religion. I'd recommend that you take a moment to read the linked page.

Some of the 1 million Palestinian students who participated in a five minute silence in remembrance of the victims of the terrorist attacks.

Some facts
  • Every Palestinian organisation condemned the attacks.
  • The US Consul General in Jerusalem received a huge stack of faxes from Palestinians and Palestinian organizations expressing condolences, grief and solidarity and was pained to see that the media chose to focus on the sensational images of a few Palestinians rejoicing.
  • Students and professors in East Jerusalem donated blood for the American victims who need it.
  • In Iran, Tehran's main soccer stadium observed an unprecedented minute's silence in sympathy with the victims.
These facts do not fit the narrative of the "clash of civilisations" and are slowly disappearing down the memory hole. The US and UK governments have a particular vested interest in having their populations forget how much goodwill their "war" on terror policies have squandered.

Personally, I'd prefer it if our governments had to formulate, debate and assess the effectiveness of their policies based on the facts rather than on fictional Hollywood style narratives.

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Tim said...

I'm a witness, me.

Many Muslim groups and individuals attempted to get in touch with Tony Blair via email to condemn the attacks. I know this because I read the emails.


Bloggerheads: I'd previously sent several emails to his constituency office pointing out that I was getting email meant for the Prime Minister, but was largely ignored. However, when I started getting emails from Muslim groups in late September, suddenly I had 'approval' to forward 'relevant' emails to his constituency address.