Friday, July 27, 2007

Low Skullduggery

The Blair government was, of course, infamous for the way they timed the release of news they'd rather we didn't see.

While I'm all for giving Brown a chance to show that he really does intend to respect parliament and do things differently, the fact that over 100 ministerial statements have been released just before MPs break up for the summer is not exactly inspiring.

Still, it does give us a chance to see just how many minor celebrities Blair schmoozed last year. Richard Madeley, Fiona Phillips and June Sarpong, all notable for their *ahem* tough questioning of the PM when given exclusive access, were on the list. That must have been what Blair meant when he talked about politics being all about "the pursuit of noble causes".


Richard Madeley said...

But I did ask tough questions. I wanted to know what was in the gravy and what vintage was the wine.

Matt Wardman said...

"Not very inspiring" makes me smile.

One might as well call Arthur Daley "not very dodgy".

Among the serious stuff hidden are the abolition of a couple of dozen local councils, the appropropration of money from dormant bank accounts , annual report on the Prevention of Terrorism Act, Police Complaints Commission Annual report ... and it goes on.

And that's leaving aside the cost of Ministerial Cars and so on.

Not convinced.