Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Apologies for the absence. Things will get back to normal shortly and I'll soon be replying to the emails which are piling up too. Honest.

In the meantime, I couldn't help but notice a completely pointless bit of nonsense in a local Labour election leaflet (it's not my own constituency but a nearby one). It's one of those classic "local people" things.

Here's the relevant bit of the leaflet.

James "I'm keen to know what local people would like done" Noble has quoted two "local people" on his leaflet. Can you guess what's coming next?

The first supporter, Bridget "James Noble is committed to the people of West Aberdeenshire" O'Hare is, yes, a Scottish Labour Party candidate in the council elections.

The second supporter, Ricky "I know James is on my side on the issues that matter to me" Simpson is, yes, also a Scottish Labour Party candidate in the local elections.

There is no mention of this on the leaflet. Both stooges are presented in a way which suggests that they are local people (true) and unaffiliated supporters of Mr Noble (false).

It wasn't hard to find out the truth though; both of the above links were found via James's website. But as Mr Noble no doubt knows as well as I, almost no-one who sees the leaflet will bother to check out the website so the illusion that these are just interested local people with no party political affiliations will stand up reasonably well.

Who are the fools really? Us or them?

By the way, this is completely pointless because James doesn't have the slightest chance of being elected as the 2003 result clearly demonstrates. Mr Noble appears to be honing his ability to mislead the public purely as an investment in his future political career. After all, if it worked so well for Blair...


Fitaloon said...

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
I haven't received my leaflet yet but look forward to it with anticipation.
How could he be so stupid after the problems with the PPB as highlighted over the weekend.
Labour Own Goals again

Notes From Dixon said...

Friend Brit. Twas T. Roosevelt who talked about sticks and carrots. Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair seem to have forgotten all about sticks. These two people each have an abundance of sophisticated and extremely powerful weapons in closed boxes someplace. They refuse to use them because they might kill somebody. This is political correctness carried to the max. In the long run our failure to unleash our two military forces just about guarantees that more (not less)people will be killed, and a great many of them will be our folks. Viewed from a distance our "rules of engagement" are positively stupid. The ONLY way to win in Iraq and put a real dent in religious terrorism is to bomb the s--t out of them. The generals know what has to be done - but they can't do it. Ask one of these blokes and he will tell you (in private) that we should draw sectors on the map, inform everyone to leave that area within 30 days, then bomb it into oblivion. Then draw up another sector and do the same thing. How many times we have to do this is unpredictable, but it will eventually defeat this enemy. Granted, they are (by our standards) cowards and may react by loading the sector to be bombed with women and children. We will have to bomb them to prove we are serious. That's a tough call - but no worse than the allies blanket bombing of Dresden for example. War is a terrible thing. The alternative (this time) is the potential domination of radical Islam over the world. Radical Islam is an abomination and deadly threat to all infidels. This minority of vicious religious nutcases will be a mortal danger until they are controled or wiped out. Personally, I favor the second.

Damn and didn't that turn into a rant.

You've a terrific blog. Stay with it.


jamal said...

strangly James noble looks a whole sight better then cameroon or blair!

neil craig said...

This is fairly common - as a former member of maryhill LibDems I recogised 2 adoring constituents as being members of the constituency committe. The 2 others were the back of a head & a kid playing football.

Osama Saeed said...

Juts thought I'd drop by to say that I hope you're well Garry and that I'm missing your regular insights and analysis.

Rab said...

Does anyone know what happened to this blogger?

His incisive analysis is missed.

Celia said...

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Mark said...
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