Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Election results in Iraq

I read the excellent Naomi Klien in the Guardian on 12:02:05
Sorry George, but Iraq has given you the purple finger

The election results in full can be found on the BBC

Nearly two weeks on and still no word on who is going to be the new Prime Minister in Iraq now that the election results have been counted. It’s getting closer though. See BBC News 22:02:05

I see that Mr Allawi (Iraqi List, 14%) is still in contention against Mr Jaffari (UIA, 48%) for the post of Prime Minister.

I also noticed this:
“Mr Chalabi - a former US favourite - mounted a late challenge.”

Mr Chalabi seems to have been seen off. I wonder who was backing his bid.
Find out what the BBC says about Mr Chalabi: Profile: Ahmed Chalabi

I can't find any mention of discussions regarding a possible timetable for withdrawal of US and UK troops. Any links to reports on this would be much appreciated.

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